Welcome to Yeruu Lodge

Learn about the unique Mongolian culture by staying at our lodge. Here you will find everything you seek for your nomadic adventure.

We offer activities such as kayaking on Yeruu river, a friendly game of bocce, practice your golf swing on our driving range, visit our nomadic neighbours at home or spend some relaxing time at by the river for live music in front of a bonfire. If you are visiting us during the festive season of Naadam, we will guide you to the local stadium where wrestling and horse racing are two of the main attractions.

We are more than happy to help create the perfect stay for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Horse Riding

Horse riding in the land of the blue sky. Participate in the Mongolian way of life on horseback. Our trips are suited for anyone who want to experience Mongolia first hand.

kayaking 2


Experience the Mongolian countryside from a different point of view. Kayaking on Yeruu river is a great way to spend the day.

Yoga and meditation

Surrounded by hill tops and next to a soothing river, this spot is perfect for yoga and meditation. Here you will be able to find your inner calm and connect with nature. Our instructors will guide you to true Mongolian spirituality and peacefulness.

Located in the province Selenge, we are approximately 50 kilometers north of Darkhan, the second largest city in Mongolia.

Once you get off the train in a small settlement called Orkhon, we will pick you up and drive you the last stretch to our lodge.

If you’re travelling with the Trans-Siberian railway, Sukhbaatar will be the closest stop to us. Just let us know and we will pick you up and drive you the last 53 kilometers to us.

Taking the local train to Yeruu Lodge is a true Mongolian experience. You will see amazing views, small settlements and livestock freely roaming the steppes. Looking out the window, you enter a kind of dream state, as the wide landscape stretches out before you.

You will experience all this while sharing a carriage with families and other travelers. We will not lie to you, it will test your patience, and a drop of sweat or two will probably role down your forehead, but we can promise it will all be worth it. Not only for the experience but also for the chance to see the beauty in the small things in life.

Mongolia offers untouched landscapes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife.