Welcome to Nomad Nature Camp

Learn about the unique Mongolian culture by staying at our resort. Here you will find everything you seek for your nomadic adventure.

Some of the activities we offer includes practicing your archery technique, daily horse riding and home visits to our nomadic neighbours. The doors to our spa will open this summer. Here you will be able to truly get into your vacation mood with a relaxing massage.

We will also have local live music and shows for you to enjoy.

If you are visiting us during the festive season of Naadam, we will guide you to the local stadium where wrestling and horse races are two of the main attractions.

We are more than happy to help create the perfect stay for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch

Horse riding

Mongolia has the world’s most iconic and known history with horses. Come ride with us for a true Mongolian experience.

Mountain biking

Mongolia has a unique terrain for biking. At Yeruu we have trails for all levels.

Yoga retreat

Join our yoga retreat and highly trained instructors. Learn about meditation in beautiful settings.

Mongolia offers untouched landscapes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife.

Our story

After crossing Mongolia by horse, I discovered a land filled with potential and opportunities. This country is one of the few unexplored places left, with a richness in tradition and ancient ways. On my travels around Mongolia I lived among nomads and shamans. Learning their way of seeing the world.


Nomad Nature Camp believe that Mongolia should be on every traveler’s bucket list. We want you to experience the nomadic lifestyle in a comfortable way, but not without all the excitement. We know what great potential this country has and what great opportunities it will mean for the people living in the area of our resort.


Come and fall in love with Mongolia the way we have.

Hope to see you here.