Yeruu Lodge

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The nomadic lifestyle is not for everyone. With no permanent home, nomads move from place to place with the change of the season to ensure their livestock have fresh pasture.

The Mongolian nomads usually moves twice a year between their summer and winter locations. The summer location is usually located in an open area where the animals can graze freely for food. The winter destinations are in the valleys close to mountains to shelter from wind and heavy snowfall. Here they also have fixed animal shelters they restore before the season.

Because the families usually move around in the same region, meaning they don’t travel very far, communities and close-knit relationships are formed between the nomads.

It’s an incredible sight to see whole families pack up and move their whole lives each ‘’moving season’’. Porters are packed efficiently with gers, belongings and families and driven to the new location.

Another thing that makes Mongolian nomads unique is the hospitality. No matter where you are or who you meet you will always get invited inside for a cup of milk tea and arroll, Mongolian homemade cheese. In fact, it is almost considered rude to not show up unannounced for a visit.

Our closest neighbours are nomads, and they are more than happy to welcome you into their home. Here you will find that the old and traditional meets the new and modern, as you will most likely find a tv in their otherwise traditional ger.


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