We are located in the region of Selenge, famous for high quality vegetables, berries and wheat. The menu is changing with the seasons as we purchase food from local farmers. We also grow vegetables and herbs in our greeneries, making sure we only serve fresh food. The vegetarian options are made with great pride.


Our menu is small so that we can put more effort into each dish bringing out the best tastes. We bring in chefs from around the world to make sure our kitchen is state of the art and keep on improving and developing. Our aim is to become the best restaurant in Mongolia.


Yeruu Lodge invites you to live in one of our traditional Mongolian Gers. With a history of almost 3000 years this round tent construction of wood, canvas and layers of felt is still serving as an environmentally friendly home for families living the original Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, following the seasons and their stock.


The ger or yurt holds an open space where meals are served, stories are told and the family sleeps. Decorated with wooden furniture the different living functions are oriented by south, east, west and north, in the centre of the ger the stove is placed.


Like any household there are manners to follow, like not to whistle inside as it may bring bad luck or that the fire is sacred and should only be fed with firewood.


The nomadic lifestyle is not for everyone. With no permanent home, nomads move from place to place with the change of the season to ensure their livestock have fresh pasture.

The Mongolian nomads usually moves twice a year between their summer and winter locations. The summer location is usually located in an open area where the animals can graze freely for food. The winter destinations are in the valleys close to mountains to shelter from wind and heavy snowfall. Here they also have fixed animal shelters they restore before the season.

Because the families usually move around in the same region, meaning they don’t travel very far, communities and close-knit relationships are formed between the nomads.


The nature around Yeruu Lodge is spectacular. To the north you will see peaky mountains which looks like they have been painted there, but if you direct your gaze to the south the mountains are humble and soft, inviting the horse riders for high speed. Located in a valley, we are surrounded by natures beauty that will be sure to take your breath away every day.


This is one of the lushest areas of Mongolia where the summer season is long. The summers are warm and mostly dry, however there can be heavy rainfall in July which makes the grass green and nature starts to thrive. The winters are cold with occasional snowfall.


On clear summer nights you will see more stars in the sky than ever before, and you can wish upon falling stars until all your dreams come true. Although, spending some nights here in this beautiful spot makes you wonder if you have anything more to wish for.

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