Yoga and meditation retreat

$300.00 / 3 nights

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If you want to feel a closeness to nature and find your own spirituality, then Mongolia is the place to practice yoga and meditation.

Here you will become one with mother nature and all she has to offer. With the soothing river and the mountains surrounding our camp, you will feel your heart rate slow down and all the stress from your hectic daily life disappear.

At our yoga retreat you will learn about Mongolian yoga and meditation. This form for yoga focuses on becoming one with the natural spirits. Mongolians share a special bond with nature, as they are dependent and live around the changes of seasons, this is not a big surprise. That is why the way they practice yoga and meditation also focuses on connecting with the earth and what appears around you. When we connect to nature, we find a strong energy soaring through our bodies. Practicing mindfulness with your back against a tree can fill you with new emotions and strengths that will take you anywhere you want to go in life.