12 days horse riding

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During this time, you will spend some days at our camp, in our traditional Gers, enjoying the serenity and calmness of this beautiful spot. You can take a refreshing swim in the river, or why not treat yourself to a massage at our spa?

Once we set out to ride it will be 4 days on horseback. Now it’s time to truly understand what Mongolia is all about. You will see some incredible views and landscapes, but also get up close to the nomadic lifestyle. This will be an experience of a lifetime.

You will also sleep in gers along the way, with homemade meals prepared.

Daily rides: You will ride for approximatley 20 km every day, with a lunch break in the middle. This is full days of riding.

Age limit: The age limit for our trips are 18 years old.

Group size: We have set the group size to max 8 people so that everyone can get the guidance, help and be able to have a stressfree trip they want and need.

Riding ability: Beacause this is a trip that stretches over several days, you should have been on a horse before. If you never have been, a day ride is better suited for you. This trip requires intermediate riding ability.

Our horses: All of our horses have good temper and are good for this type of trips. We will make sure you get a horse that is compatible with you so you feel safe and at ease.

Food allergies: If you have any food allergies or preferences, please let us know beforehand so we can customize your meal plan.

Weight limit: The weight limit is 95kg.

What to think about:

We are in a remote area so there wont be any shops available. All shopping must therefore be done before you reach our camp.

Remember to pack clothes for all weathers. The days are usually hot, but the evenings can be a bit chilly, so an extra jumper is not a bad idea. It might also be a good idea to bring some rainclothes, depending on what months you’re planing your trip.

If you have any questions about this trip don’t hesitate to ask. We are always here to help you!

What's included

What's included

6 nights accommodation in traditional gers.

6 breakfasts. The mornings at camp there will be a breakfast buffe to choose from.

4 lunches on riding days.

3 dinners on riding days.

Drinks on riding days (tea, coffee, water).

Horses and equipment (saddle, helmet etc).


Visiting a nomadic family.

Return train ticket from UB and pick up/drop off from train station.



Day one– Train ride from UB, tickets and sandwich from a high quality café. Pick up from Yeruu train station and drive the last 20km to our camp.

Day two– After an orientation meeting you are welcome to enjoy a day around the camp. Here you have lots of different options for activities, like (meeting) with an eagle, trekking or mountain biking. If you just want to relax, spend some hours at our spa, playing bocce or cool down in the river. Breakfast buffe included.

Day three– First day of horse riding. Once the horses are ready we start riding into the beautiful landscape of Mongolia. This first day you will ride over big fields, with humble mountains surrounding you. This is a good start to get in to horse riding if you are not already used to it. The tracks are long and winding and the calmness of nature will fill your soul. During the ride you will see how the landscape changes in front of you and we will have our lunch break on a hill with good views of the valley. (what was the change??)

After lunch we continue until we reach the edge of a forest where the flowers grow wild and free. Here you will sleep in Gers for the night. Dinner will be prepared, and you can enjoy a quiet night after your first day of riding.

Day four– Today we continue through the forest. Here you will see birch trees growing tall and thick and it gives the feeling of riding through a fairy-tale forest. This is a perfect time to take a moment to appreciate the small things in life, while listening to the horse hooves trampling the dirt road and to the bird songs. When we have put the forest behind us we ride into open steppe landscapes again, and we will have lunch on the green fields, surrounded by cows and horses.

This day of riding will be shorter than the other days, this is because the nature around this area is so wonderful that you will want to spend some extra hours here. The camp for the night is on top of a hill where the view will take your breath away. If you are extra lucky you might see some eagles flying wild and free.

Day five – After breakfast we will cross the river to ride where the landscapes are shifting between small hills, steppes and rivers. With flat, open landscapes it will be possible for increased speed for those who wish for an adrenaline rush. The mountain steppes are inhabited of nomads and their livestock, and they would appreciate if you stay for a cup of milk tea and some traditional pastries.

We will stop for lunch just before we enter the forest again, here it looks like an opening into a magical and mystical world. The birch trees have been replaced by fir which gives the setting a darker magical feel to it. We will ride on a small road leading uphill, on your right side you will have the whole valley at your feet. This part of the ride goes through the national park Tujin nars. Tujiin nars, which means pine tree forest in mongolian, was in 1921 an important location for Victory of Mongolian Revolutionary. It is now a proteted area that keeps growing and expanding.

Our camp for tonight will be in a much drier area than previous. There are big red rocks that gives a romantic light in the sunset.

Day six– Because this is our last day of riding, we will start the morning slow and take our time before we head out. We will ride past red rocks as we enter the same area as when we first started our riding 4 days ago.

Back to camp, where you can enjoy a nice shower and maybe a spa evening, relaxing those muscles after your four days horse adventure.

Day seven (check out)– It’s time to say goodbye. Enjoy our breakfast buffe before we drive you back to the train station. We hope you have had a wonderful stay with us.