The nomadic lifestyle is not for everyone. With no permanent home, nomads move from place to place with the change of the season to ensure their livestock have fresh pasture.


The Mongolian nomadic tribes have many age-old traditions that start as soon as you enter their camp. As you enter the ‘ger’, the customary nomadic dwelling, you must make sure you sit down on the correct side. Traditionally, the right side of the ger is for family and the left side is for visitors. The top of the ger is for the owners, and there you can also see pictures of family and loved ones. You will also get seated in a specific order around the table. Once you’ve taken your seat, you will most likely get offered some Mongolian homemade cheese and milk tea along with a bowl of candies.


Our closest neighbours are nomads and they are more than happy to welcome you into their home. Here you will find that the old and traditional meets the new and modern, as you will most likely find a tv in their otherwise traditional ger.