Bocce is a great way to spend the evening after a day full of exploring the area. With a drink in your hand, music in the background and one of our spectacular sunsets behind you, you will feel more relaxed than ever. Enjoy a friendly game together or, if you’re feeling more competitive, we will arrange a game complete with Game Master and price for the winner.

Frisbee, Viking Chess or Board Games

If you don’t feel up for bocce, we have a wide range of games for you to play. Frisbee golf, kubb or boardgames such as Catan or Chess. We are always up for a competition, so just let us know!

Riverside Bofires

One of the most special thing you can do here is to join us down by the river after dark. Our bonfire nights are truly magical. The starlit sky above you, the rippling river around you and the crackling fire creates a wonderful memory from Yeruu Lodge.

Mongolian archery

Historically, nomadic tribes used bow and arrows as their main form for hunting and protection from external threats, so it’s no wonder the Mongolians are masters in the art of archery.
Today archery is one of the biggest sports and one of the main events at Naadam festival.

If you want to learn the ancient form of archery please get in touch with us for pre-booking. Lessons will include an introduction to Mongolian archery, and enough practice time to hit your target with the same precision as the old nomadic tribes.


Have you ever been close to an eagle before? I mean so close you could touch it? Well this is your chance!

Kazakhs have been known to hunt with eagles for thousands of years. It is like something taken from a storybook and is hard to believe that this is common in Mongolia. But this ancient form of hunting is effective and still practiced today.

The eagles are found in the mountains and brought back home. They only use females for hunting, as they are bigger than the males. They are fed regularly to domesticate it and make it feel at ease with its new home.

Once trained, eagles will be used for hunting foxes, hares and other small animals. After some years the eagle is then released again to live out the rest of its life in the wild.