Explore Selenge from Yeruu River

Explore the Mongolian countryside from a different point of view. With the sound of the calm flowing river underneath you and the sun shining bright above you, life can hardly get any better. As we paddle in a slow pace, you will have time to take in the beauty of Mongolia.

Feel the Nature Surround You

No matter if you’re experienced or have never been in a kayak before, this is the perfect activity for you. The water flows in a calm and steady pace and the river is wide and shallow, meaning Yeruu river is perfect for all levels of kayaking. After about an hour of paddling we take a break to rest the tired arms, and why not enjoy a cool drink at the same time.

Safety – Our Main Priority

We have experienced instructors and robust kayaks and wearing life vests is mandatory. So there is no need to be worried, we’ve got you! Before heading out we do an introduction, safety talk and practice on land. We then drive up the river and paddle back to the lodge. We promise you will have a great time on Yeruu River!