Yoga & Meditation

Among beautiful surroundings, feel the peacefulness and the spirit of the Mongolian nomadic culture. Discover the calming sand dunes, the mountains, the fresh water rivers. The high altitude and dry climate turn the blue sky into a window to the universe during late evenings. Mongolia is the perfect spot for practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Spectacular Surroundings

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced yoga practitioner who wishes to discover the Mongolian ways of meditation or a new beginner who wants to practice yoga during your stay with us. Yeruu Lodge has yoga classes and instructors that can introduce you to the unique experiences of yoga and meditation in tune with the spectacular nature surrounding our camp in Yeruu.

Mongolian Mindfullness

Mongolian yoga and meditation are about closeness to nature and to practice living in rhythm with seasons and the landscapes. Their traditions include a belief in holy trees and that meditating with your back against such a tree connects you to the physical and spiritual worlds. Therefore, many Mongolians journey to trees in the mountains said to withhold special powers. Another tradition is to find posts or spots in the landscape that are especially good for meditation, it can be on a hill, amongst rocks or next to the river, whatever holds a good energy.