Horse Riding In Mongolia

Mongolians are known for their expertise when it comes to horses and horse riding. Most nomads have practically been brought up on horse back and it is not uncommon to see young kids galloping past you with no saddle. Mongolians are considered the best horsemen in the world.

A long history of horse riders

Although the Mongolian horses are small, they are strong and resilient. They are self-sufficient and energetic. They spend the whole year outdoors, used to surviving from temperatures from +40 down to -40 degrees Celsius. The character of the Mongolian horse is well suited for riding, as they are considered reliable, calm and friendly.

Discover Mongolia on horseback

The landscape in Mongolia gives excellent riding conditions. The scenery will take your breath away and with long, wide fields you can go just as fast as you desire. Seeing Mongolia on horseback gives the chance to explore Mongolia through a nomadic perspective. On our trips you will see epic views, nomadic families going about their daily life and livestock walking beside you. No matter if you want to do the full horse package, or only daytrips, Yeruu Lodge have what you are looking for to make memories of a lifetime.